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About us

The GO Eyewear group is present almost all over the world, with operations in Brazil, Europe, Asia, U.S. and Canada.

Along with a directly managed sales force in 13 countries, like Brazil, Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Austria, Germany, Russia, U.S. and Canada, we also operate through distributors in over 60 countries.

GO Eyewear group creates and develops frames for brands that are examples of design, technology and quality all over the world.

Research, creation, development, brand positioning, POS support, are among the main distinguishing features that the group offers to its clients and final consumers.

Today we count with 3 plants in China, and our management team is highly knowledgeable and qualified in the creation, development and distribution processes of both optical frames and sunglasses.


Offer the end consumer a high quality, beautifully made and comfortable product. For our customers we give the ability to market a product easily saleable, and to develop the market demand trends, with excellent margins.


Social Responsibility
Business excellence


PT / BR / ES / IT / FR / UK / GE / RU / USA

Distribution within Europe
Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Scotland

International market
in more than 30 Countries

Brazil, Russia, US

GO Eyewear US

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